Control you want without the chemicals you don’t.

Most playing fields, lawns and gardens use high-risk chemical pesticides. When we – and our children – run, slide, scoop up a ball or simply sit down, we come into contact with toxic chemicals that threaten our wellness and our planet.

With Safer Play, human health and Mother Nature take back the lead. Safer Play control products fight insects, weeds, fungi and other landscaping threats using minimum-risk ingredients so harmless, they don’t need to register with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So benign, they don’t require yellow “hazard” signs. And so potent, you’ll never use highly dangerous pesticides again.

Get the turf control you expect without all the risk. Get Safer Play.

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What exactly is in Safer Play?

Safer Play’s line of liquid and granular control products is made exclusively of 25(b) exempt ingredients. They use various modes of action to effectively fight weeds, grubs, mosquitoes, ticks and other subsurface insects, for powerful results with a fraction of the risk posed by traditional chemical pesticides.

Leave risk where it belongs – in the game.

Weed Prevention

with Lawn Food

Get lush, green grass without biosolids or manure.  Plant-based Lawn Food nourishes turf, kills weeds and can be freely reapplied.

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Grub Shield

fast acting formula

Safer Play’s unique combination of botanical oils, oyster and clam shells kills and repels surface-feeding insects and grubs.

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Weed Shield

selective post-emergent herbicide

Wipe out weeds, not grass. This fast-acting botanical oil blend kills weeds without harsh ingredients – and prevents more from growing.

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Results & reassurance from the ground up.

Stop watching kids slide, tackle and huddle on surfaces teeming with hazardous ingredients. Balance responsibility and results with Safer Play.